The registration for Trollingträff Åland 2023 will open on Friday 6.1.2023!


Here can you REGISTER for the contest!

The website will be updated and the registration will be built during the upcoming weeks but at 12.00 (Finnish time GMT+2 ) on Friday 6.1 you will be able to register for the event!
Participants who have their registration moved from previous years will receive information through em-mail on how to register for the competition!


Welcome to Trollingträff Åland 2023!

Trollingträff Åland is a tradition that has been arranged since 1993 and attracts participants from near and far. Since 2015 Käringsund Resort & Conference (Eckerö, Åland) has serve as a center for the contest with all starts, weigh-ins, prize ceremonys and dinners gathered at one place.

Trollingträff Åland 2023 will be arranged 7-10.6.2023! The competition begins with a pre-fish party with barbecue dinner and a skipper meeting on Wednesday night and then there will be 3 days of fishing.
No major changes are coming to the current arrangements or rules.
On Thursday it will be a mass start at 7.30 am. On Friday free start from 7.00 a.m and on Saturday free start from 04.30 am.
The fishing area and its rules are at the time of the competition the same as in 2022 (read more under Rules )
As in 2022 can 2 fish be weighed in/team/competition day. Teams continue to report catches during the competition, this year though via the FishyLive app. The catch is handed in at the place where they have a mooring!
The rod limit of a maximum of 16 rods / team is maintained, as well as that decisions about the continuation of the competition are made at wind speeds from 10 m/s.
As in previous years participants are invited to dinner every evening (Wednesday – Saturday) during the contest.

When signing up for the contest the teams approves the contest rules and undertakes to follow them! Also minor violations (eg the boat in the wrong place) can lead to disqualification.


New and old participants are very welcome to Trollingträff Åland 2023!


Please follow us on Facebook. There are a pictures from previous events and you will find the latest updates about Trollingträff Åland!