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There are plenty of departures and various travel options daily from Sweden, Finland and Tallinn, which you can choose from to get to Åland. Most visitors take the ferry but you can also choose a flight to get to our island.

One of the fastest trips to Åland is Eckerö Linjen which starts in Swedish Grisslehamn and arrives at Berghamn, Eckerö. The boat trip only takes two hours.
Go to their website on contact them by phone, number 0175 258 00 (in Sweden) or +358 18 28300 (in Åland).

Recreational boat traffic allowed between Schengen countries

Because of the prevailing pandemic the possibilities to come to Finland / Åland are limited, recreational boat traffic between Schengen countries is though allowed, which means that you can come to Åland with your own boat.
More info i.a. at
For example from Grisslehamn to Eckerö it´s only just over 20 nautical miles and can be an alternative for our foreign participants to come to us.

Those who arrive by their own boat to Åland don´t come into contact with the border guard and thus don´t receive necessary information that applies when entering Åland from a risk area.
When coming to Åland the following applies:

  • Voluntary quarantine after entry from a risk area to Åland is recommended for seven (7) days.
  • If the person has been in environments where it has been difficult to keep a safe distance from others, the person is welcome to be tested even if the person has no symptoms. If the person has an entry date, time for testing can be booked in advance (on tel. +35818535313), testing should be done within one day of entry. Voluntary quarantine also applies to those who are tested, no Covid-19 test is offered on Åland with the aim of shortening the quarantine period.
  • Avoid activities where close contact with others is difficult to avoid, such as restaurant visits, events, leisure activities and private events.
  • Necessary stay outside the home / accommodation is possible, the individual decides for himself what is necessary stay. Remember to keep enough safety distance when being outside the home / accommodation and use a mask when it isn´t possible to keep a safe distance indoors.
  • If you get symptoms of covid-19, even very mild, please contact Åland Health and Medical Care (ÅHS), further instructions can be found at
  • Om du får symtom på covid-19, även mycket lindriga, ta kontakt med Ålands hälso- och sjukvård (ÅHS), more info (in Swedish) at ÅHS website
    Info in other languages can be found at

Exemption from the recommendation for voluntary quarantine after entry into Åland from a risk area for example

  • Previously underdone covid-19 infection verified by PCR or antigen test, if less than six (6) months have passed since the onset of symptoms in the first covid-19 infection.


Also Viking Line is happy to help you with both travel and accommodation to several sports events at Åland
Find out more about their offerings on the following pages:

Participants from Sweden:

Participants from Finland:
In Swedish
In Finnish

Become a Viking Club member  to get the best offers and collect bonuses from your travels!
Read more and join at (Sweden) or (Finland)


Åland offers a variety of accommodations in different price categories – from luxury hotels to simple overnight cabin or a place in a marina.

Besides trips both  Eckerö Linjen and Viking Line also can help you with accommodations.

For those traveling from Finland:
Travel and lodging can also be booked via Ålandsresor. Read more or contact them by phone  +3581828040.

You can choose to stay at Käringsund Resort & Conference, which functions as a competition center or in Käringsund Gästhamn which is within walking distance of the competition center.

Käringsund resort & Conference

Käringsund Resort & Conference, center for the contest, is a fantastic holiday village by the sea and offers services as lodging, café, bistro and pizzeria, restaurant, sauna by the sea, pool outside and a floting jetty where the teams will leave the fish for weigh-in.
Käringsund Resort & Conference has several different accommodation options – everything from large Bungalow and luxurious Strandby Villa to a idyllic small cosy cottage close to the competition center where all skipper meetings, weigh-ins and dinners are arranged.
Go to and book the accommodation you want!

!! EXTRA NIGHT for only 30€ !!
All accommodation bookings have in common that IF you BOOK ACCOMMODATION from Wednesday 2.6 (or earlier) to Sunday 6.6, Käringsund Resort & Conference offers an extra night to Monday 7.6 for only 30 €. You can enjoy an extra day of fishing or a really late check out on Sunday night!

Contact them at and let us know if you want to add an extra night between Sunday and Monday. Applies to both previous and new bookings!


Guestharbour Käringsund

Guestharbour Käringsund is a beautifully located harbor for about 70 boats where the teams will moor their boats. The harbor has access to i.a. electricity and water as well as fully equipped servicehouse (surcharge). No alongside mooring! Extra mooring lines are recommended to bring with you.

Boat mooring during 2-6.6.2021 is included in the registration fee (1 boat/ team).
Additional days before and / or after the contest can be booked -please contact Käringsunds gästhamn. You can contact them at or phone +3581838530. You can also contact them via their contact form.

In the harbour there are gas dispenser which are open 24/7 throughout the year (works with credit card and €uro-notes). Gastropub Bodegan will be open during the contest weekend.

Käringsunds gästhamn