Contest Rules

Departure / arrival: The team´s boat must be in Käringsund (at the dock or on the trailer in the parking lot) always at the skippers meetings (not on Wednesday) because possible inspection of boats will be done after the skipper meeting.
Teams that have fish to weigh in must also return by boat to Käringsund at the end of the competition day.

Crew: Minimum number of participants per boat is 2. Name for the entire prospective crew is given at registration. If any member of the crew is replaced and / or do not take part in the competition every day, the organizers need to be notified of the changes.
Outsiders aren´t allowed on the boats unless the organizer has approved this.
Skipper: One of the contestants must be appointed skipper of the boat and shall daily be at the boat if nothing else is communicated to the organizers. The organizer must have contact information for the current skipper.

Skippers´meetings: Skipper meetings aren´t mandatory this year, but at least one person/ boat is recommended to participate in the skippers´meetings, alternatively follow it via live broadcast. It´s the participant’s responsibility to get the information given at the skipper’s meetings. (NEW / CHANGED for 2021)
The team´s boat must be in Käringsund (at the dock or on the trailer in the parking lot) always at the skippers meetings (not on Wednesday) because possible inspection of boats will be done after the skipper meeting.

Start tag and participation number: Start-tags with participation number will be hanging  on a board at the competition center. The skipper or a crew member will get the tag from the organizer at the daily Skippers meeting or at another specified time.The tag must be handed in not later than 7.30 pm at Thursday – Friday and 3 pm at Saturday unless the organizers do not indicate otherwise.
If the start-tag is handed in too late no fish can be weigh-in for the contest day in question. Tags must be handed in even though no fish were caught *)
NOTE! If the handing in of the start tag is delayed due to queue when fish is submitted to the organizer’s jetty, the team is approved if the boat is visible to the organizer from the Käringsund Resort jetty.
NOTE! Finnish time UTC+3 (EEST)

Stickers with the team’s start number ( finded in the registration package) shall be affixed visible on both sides of the boat.

*) A later time can be agreed on if the team wants to stay out and fish after the end of the competition day. However, the team must follow the security rule (see below) on the obligation to inform the organizer of the delay.

Wind limits: At wind speeds of 10 m / s the jury will make decisions from case to case if the start is postponed and / or the boats will be called ashore.

The wind will be checked from

Shortened / paused contest day: If the contest for any reason will be shortened / paused the fishing stops at the time the message is sent to the teams. The teams confirms that they have received the message by sending info about how many fish they have at that time. The tag must be handed in latest at the new, given time.
Extended contest day: The organizer also has the right to extend an ongoing fishing day, for example if there is a risk that the following competition day is inhibited due to hard winds.

Reporting and submission of the catch: The teams must immediately inform the organizer of the catch by sending a picture (and possible other information, more info latest at skippers meeting on Wednesday) to the organizer’s phone 0405223823, by Messenger to Trollingträff Åland or by Only reported fish may be weighed in and the organizer has the right to go out with information during the competition what has been caught.
The team chooses whether they hand in their catch to the organizer at their jetty at the end of the competition day, or bring the catch themselves to the competition site, for example from their own mooring in the guest harbor. Teams that have fish to weigh in must also return by boat to Käringsund at the end of the competition day. The catch and the team’s start tag must be on site at the specified location no later than 7.30 pm (Thursday and Friday) and 3 pm on Saturday. (NEW / CHANGED for 2021)
NOTE! Finnish time UTC+3 (EEST)

Prize ceremony: If the prize winners do not show up, their prize can be passed onto the next prize winner.
If the contest is interrupted the winner is selected based on completed fishing days/ hours. For a day shall count as a day of fishing, it must consist of min. 4h fishing.
Undistributed prizes can be transferred to the next contest day and / or raffled among the participants.

Green Flag is awarded during Thursday’s and Friday’s prize award ceremony to the team that leads the contest (= largest total amount of fish). The flag is visible hoisted on the team’s boat the following day of contest.

Times and harbour may be changed during the contest due to weather or other factors.


The competition jury consists of  people from the organizers and representatives from the participants. The competition jury is appointed in advance and will be presented to the participants latest at Wednesday’s skipper´s meeting.
The jury decides on i.a. exclusion or disqualification.

Jury 2021

Juryn består av Peter Lindström (Sverige), Peter Cernold (Sverige), Erik Liljeström (Finland), Jimmy Lillvik (Åland), Ia Colérus

Contestants may be excluded from the contest in case of:

  • Violation of rules
  • Attempts at cheating when weighing fish
  • Threats or violent behavior towards contestants or organizers
  • Any complaints of violation of the rules shall be communicated to the organizers immediately after the finish. Protest deposit exists

Protest: Participant team is entitled to hand in a written and signed protest no later than 15 minutes after completed weigh-in. Protests cost 30 €, refundable if protest is accepted. The jury is unanimous and its decisions can not be appealed.


Rules for fishing

It is a trolling contest and therefore the boat has to be in motion all the time during fishing.

A maximum of 16 rods / teams (incl. extra rods) are allowed in the competition

Salmon and trout are included in the contest.

The minimum measure for fish to be weigh in is 50 cm (trout) – 60 cm (salmon).

A maximum of 4 fish may be weighed in per team / day. The number of fish that may be weighed in per day can be reduced during the competition, which in that case will be announced during a skipper meeting.

Handover of fish between teams or outside the contest is prohibited.

Mashing is prohibited.

Fishing with dead bait fishing is allowed if it takes place under known methods.


Fishing area

The fishing area for the contest are the areas at mentioned “Allmänt vatten/ Public water” (light brown / yellow areas). The contestants in the Trollingträff Åland also has the right to fish in the Eckerö-fishingcard area. Contestants may also fish in other fishing license areas, but must buy a fishing license for the area.

Note: In all fishing license areas belonging to the Government of Åland, including Signilskär west of Eckerö and Björkör and Big Båtskär south of Lemland, trolling is prohibited.
Teams can´t be disqualified from the competition if they are within these areas but can be penalized by fishing guards. (NEW / CHANGED for 2021)

Coordinates for Signilskär- area

Coordinates for Government of Åland´s all fishing areas can be found here:



Security rules for Åland for e.g. maritime saftey must be obeyed. Emergency rockets and signal flares must be available on the boat.

The organizers must have current contact information (= mobile phone number) for all boats.
The organizers phone number is +358405223823

Information that need to get to the participants during the contest will be sent via SMS and VHF (ch77)

The organizers can cancel a contest day due to bad weather, for example hard wind or thunderstorm. Registration fees will not be reimbursed.

For security reasons there must be at least two contestants on each boat. Two contestants must have a minimum age of 16 years.

Participating boats are obligated to inform the organizers via SMS (+358405223823) if the boat will not arrive in Käringsund on time. If failure to inform the organizers of any delay will result in a rescue action, the boat in question will be liable to pay for this rescue action.

Life jackets or flotation suit is mandatory.

Alcoholconsumption and/or BAC ≥ 1 ‰ is prohibited during competition.