About Trollingträff Åland

The Trollingträff Åland- competition is a tradition that has been arranged since 1993 and attracts participants from near and far. It´s a 3 days contest where the mainwinner is the team with the the highest total score for the entire competition.

2015 was the first year when all starts, weigh-ins, prize ceremonys and dinners were gathered to one place, Käringsund Resort & Conference in Eckerö, Western Åland. Also this year the same place will serve as a center for the contest, in cooperation with Käringsund gästhamn. At the guest harbor there is also gastropub Bodegan, which is open during the competition.

At Käringsund Resort & Conference you both get a comfortable stay and good food and drinks.
The participation fee for the Trollingträff Åland 2022 includes dinner on all competition days (Wednesday-Saturday) served in the restaurant at Käringsund Resort & Conference.

Breakfast- and lunch packages can be booked when you sign up for the competition. These are picked up from the restaurant during the time breakfast is served.

The main organizer is Åland Event.


Registration and fees 2022

The preregistration is closed!
LATE REGISTRATION on site in Käringsund on Wednesday 1.6.2022 from 3  to 7 pm!


By signing me up for the race and paying the participation fee I agree to the contest rules and give my consent to the organizer to publish data about my and my team members  (name, teamname and nationality) on participant,- start- and resultlists.

Initially 50 teams can register for the contest, in addition to the teams that already have a place from 2020/2021 and / or officially represent one of the event’s partners!
A total of 110 teams can participate in Trollingträff Åland 2022!

Please choose the right category as follows:

  • Registration from 2020/2021 – for the teams that were registered for Trollingträff Åland 2020/2021 but moved their participation to 2022.
    The required registration code has been sent by e-mail!
  • Sponsor teams – the teams that officially represent one of the event’s partners
    The required registration code has been sent by e-mail!
  • New registrationall other teams sign up in this category!
    No registration code is needed!
NOTE! Teams that don´t have the right to register for “Registration from 2020/2021” and “Sponsor team” will be removed from the participant list!

Fully booked – join the queque!
If the contest get fully booked, you can by sending an email to info@alandevent.com join the line for a place in the contest.
If we can open up for more new teams and / or someone cancels their participation, the places will be distributed in order to those on the waiting list!

When registering  breakfast- & take-away lunch packages and Trollingträff Åland fisherman cap can be booked as follows:

  •  Breakfast Thursday – Saturday 2-4.6 for 12€/ day –> total 36€/ person
  • Take away lunch Thursday – Saturday 2-4.6 for 12,50€/ day –> total 37,50€/ person
  • Fisherman cap 18 €

More information about  travel and accommodation can be found here!


Participation fee 2022

  • –> 22.5.2022: 155€/ person
  • Late registration at the competition site: 180€/ person

The registration fee includes at least:

  • boatmooring (1-5.6.2021, for most team in Käringsunds marina where the participants have access to a fully equipped servicehouse)
  • 4 x dinner (Wednesday – Saturday)
  • ice for preserving fish (Thursday – Saturday)
  • cleaning board equipped with knives, barrels for fish guts and running water
  • give aways from i.a. Rhino, Salsa och Gladsaxfiske

Give aways from i.a. Rhino, Salsa and Gladsaxfiske
Ice from Chipsters/ Apaja, with transportation by Transmar

On Wednesday 1st of June from 3 pm to 7pm the organizers are in the race office to hand out registration packages and by the dock to meet up the boats.
Participants can´t choose their spot at the jetty. Extra mooring lines are recommended!
The team chooses whether they pick up their registration package before or after the mooring!

Additional days before and / or after the contest can be booked -please contact Käringsunds gästhamn. You can contact them at  info@karingsundsgasthamn.ax or phone +3581838530. You can also contact them via their contact form.

Camera surveillance in in both the guest harbor and at the resort’s jetty!
f you have, or suspect you have been a victim of theftplease contact the organizer!


Competition programme 2022

Race PM, incl eventschedule 

(vers 2/2022)

The organizer reserves the right to make changes!
NOTE! Finnish time UTC+3 (EEST)

1.6.2022 Wednesday

3 – 7pm Organizers on site to meet up participants, including i.a. show them their boat moorings,  hand out registration packets and for late registrations
6 pm  Pre-fish party with dinner in the restaurant / on the terrace (incl. in the participation fee)
7.30 pm Skippers meeting in the restaurant/ at the terrace

2.6.2022 Thursday

6.00-8.00 am Breakfast
6.30 am Skippers meeting in the restaurant/ at the terrace + distribution of start tags
7.00 am Last chance to pick up start- tag
7.30 am Mass start (NEW/ CHANGED 2022!)
6-7.30 pm Submission of fish, each fish is labeled with tag by the participants
6.00 pm –> Continuous weigh in of fish (NEW/ CHANGED 2022!)
7 – 10 pm Dinner (drop in) in the restaurant/ the terrace (included in the registration fee)
8.00 pm Prize award ceremony for the winners of the day on the terrace

3.6.2022 Friday

6.00-8.00 am Breakfast
6.30 am  Skippers meeting in the restaurant/ at the terrace
7.00 – 9.00 am Start tag picked up from the restaurant
7.00 am Free start
6-7.30 pm  Submission of fish, each fish is labeled with tag by the participants
6.00 pm –> Continuous weigh in of fish (NEW/ CHANGED 2022!)
7 – 10 pm Dinner (drop in) in the restaurant/ the terrace (included in the registration fee)
8.00 pm Prize award ceremony for the winners of the day on the terrace

4.6.2022 Saturday

4.00-8.00 am Breakfast
4.00 am       
Skippers meeting in the restaurant/ at the terrace
4.30-8.00 am
Start tag picked up from the restaurant
4.30 am –>  Free start
1.30-3.00 pm Submission of fish, each fish is labeled with tag by the participants
3.15 pm Weigh-in
5.00 pm Prize award ceremony for Trollingträff Åland 2022 and  farewell-dinner (included in the participation fee)

Note! The organizers have the right to adjust the schedule.

A description of the fishing area can be found under the Rules.

Käringsund Resort & Conference


Yamaha Power Pay Finland

Does your heart beat for fishing and fishing competitions? Do you drive a boat with a Yamaha – outboard?
Then you should sign up for the free Yamaha Power Pay programme, which is being launched for the second time in Finland now during the boating and fishing season 2022!
The program is open to sport fishermen who have a Yamaha outboard and who participate in fishing competitions during the year.
The program is meant for participants over the age of 18, but the team may include a family member under the age of 18.

Yamaha Power Pay Finland – program consists of selected fishing competitions of which Trollingträff Åland is an individual sub-competition and thus Yamaha-prizes will be awarded to the three best Power Pay Finland participants who participate in Trollingträff Åland 2022!

Welcome-gift to all participating teams 2022!

When you register for at least one fishing competition or entire cup in the Yamaha Power Pay Finland programme, your team will receive a welcome gift containing the following products, which you will be asked to use during the competitions:

  •      Pro Fishing sweater (max. 3 pcs / boat)
  •      Pro Fishing cap (max 3 pcs / boat)

When signing up all teams will also receive a Power Pay ticket, with which you will participate in the draw for a Yamaha outboard after the season.
All teams that have participated in at least one of the Power Pay program’s competitions will automatically participate in the draw.

More info about how to sign up for the Yamaha Power Pay Finland- competition, rules och prizes can be found at Yamaha Power Pay Finlands website! (in Finnish)
In 2022 the first 100 teams that sign up will be included in the programme.


Competition categories and prizes 2022

The best team

The best team in the contest, i.e. the highest total score for the entire contest is awarded the main prize. Salmon and trout caught during the contest which exceeds the minimum length of 60 cm (50cm for trout) is approved catch. Each team may weigh a maximum of 2 fish / day.

Point rules:
10 points per fish and 10 points per kg e.g a salmon of 7,8kg will yield 88 points. In case of equal scores, the winner will be the boat that caught the largest fish.

The main prize (value 5443,60 €)  comes also this year from Raymarine and are the following products:

  • AXIOM+ 9 RV, Multi-function 9” Display with integrated RealVision 3D, 600W Sonar with RV-100 transducer and the NEW LightHouse Chart (E70637-03-202, value 2597,80€)
  • Evolution EV-150 Hydraulic Pilot with p70Rs control head, ACU-150, EV1 Sensor Core, EV1 Cabling kit & 1.0 litre 12v Hydraulic Pump. (T70330, value 2845,80€)

    Read more about Raymarines products for example at:

Best team 2021: Krantz/ GoFish.se (Sweden)



The winner of the day is also awarded with products from Navionics.

The biggest fish

The biggest fish of the entire contest is rewarded with a F8 FMHS – outboard (value 2530€) from Yamaha. The winner is the one who caught the biggest fish, measured in kilograms of unprocessed fish.
A winner of the day in the category is also awarded.



Fish closest to 10kg

During the contest will also i.a. the fish closest to 10 kg. Also this year a winner of the day will be awarded in this category.

In co-operation with Rhino

First fish over 20kg

The contests first fish over 20kg will be rewarded with a Ursuit– Gemino Operative suit  (value approx. 1500€)
The fish must weigh over 20kg at the weigh-in. If it is caught two or more fish over 20kg, the price will go to the largest of them.

In co-operation with Ursuit

29th anniversary

Trollingträff Åland celebrates 29 years and thus a prize will be awarded to the 29th fish caught during this year’s competition!
The anniversary competition is organized in co-operation with Navionics and the winner is rewarded with a product from them.
The day winner in the category Best team is also awarded the Navionics – products


Best nation

Best nation is appointed by counting the two best total weights per nation per competition day.
No winner of the day in this contest. The winning nation is rewarded with a magnificent trophy!

                        Earlier winners in the Best Nation – competition:
2016 Finland
2017 Finland
2018 Åland Islands
2019 Finland
2020 Finland
2021 Finland

Other prizes come from sponsors and partners.



Other information

Race PM, incl eventschedule
(vers 2/2022)
The organizer reserves the right to make changes!
NOTE! Finnish time UTC+3 (EEST)

Traffic- and parking arrangements
Free parking near the competition center. Boat trailers shall be parked on refered place near the Eckeröhallen

First aid
First aid competent people and basic first aid gear on area during the competition. If needed, proffesionals will be called.

Lost and found
Will be given to the organizer, that keeps them during the season (to 31.10.2022) if they have not been picked up during the event. After the season the left goods will be submitted to a charity-organization.

Fueling stations
In Käringsunds Marina there is a fuel station that is open 24 hours a day. Works with cards and banknotes.
Other fuel stations are found HERE!

Service of boats, motors and marine electronics
If you have a need for service you can contact Wemarin, they will help you! Contact them by phone: +358 18 12990 or via email: info@wemarin.com

Cancellation policy

The registration for the competition is binding, the registration fee will not be refunded if you can´t participate in the competition.
If canceled by 18.4.2022*), your participation can be moved to the following year’s competition.
Until 25.5.2022 it’s possible to transfer the participation to another participant.

Cancellations and changes are made by email to info@alandevent.com

*)  If the contest has to be canceled later than 18.4.2022 due to decisions of authorities and / or participants who follow the authorities’ restrictions can´t come to the competition due to restrictions for the Corona virus the participation can be moved to the following year’s competition