We say thank you for this year and hope to see you again 5-8.6.2019

Please follow us on Facebook. There are a whole lot of pictures from this year’s event!
The website will be updated and the registration for 2019 will be opened by the end of the year!


Trollingträff Åland is a tradition that has been arranged since 1993 and attracts participants from near and far. Since 2015 Käringsund Resort & Conference (Eckerö, Åland) has serve as a center for the contest with all starts, weigh-ins and prize ceremonys gathered at one place.

Trollingträff Åland 2019 will be arranged 5-8.6.2019! The competition starts with a welcome dinner and a mandatory ship meeting on Wednesday night and is followed by 2.5 days of fishing.

We wish both old and new participants welcome to the Trollträff Åland 2019!

Fish to Matbanken Åland

The fish caught during Trollingträff Åland belong to the participants, they choose what they do with the fish.
Also this year the participants have the opportunity to give (part of) their catch to Matbanken Åland, which offers free food aid to households that have a temporary financial situation.
Read more about Matbanken på Åland, find them also at Facebook.

Help with the catch?

This year will Jonne, who is good at handling fish, again be in Käringsund a few hours on Thursday and Friday in connection with the weighing!
If you and your team are tired after a long day at the sea, and rather want to take a moment than to cope with cleaning and fileing your catch, Jonne will help you!
Cost? You replace him with any amount that you also would appreciate for that job!