To arrange or not to arrange – that´s the question that more and more people are asking. We are hopeful and assume to be able to arrange Trollingträff Åland 2021, in one way or another!

At the moment public gatherings aren´t allowed at Åland and the current restrictions on entry into Finland will continue until 17 April 2021 – at least before that no decisions will be made for Trollingträff Åland 2021!
Recreational boat traffic between Schengen countries is allowed which means that you can come with your own boat to Åland at the moment. For example from Grisslehamn to Eckerö it´s only just over 20 nautical miles and can be an alternative for our foreign participants to come to us.
We will continue to follow updates on Covid-19 and will get back to you as soon as we have information regarding the event! At the moment we continue to prepare to arrange Trollingträff Åland 2021 according to the original plan but also looks at alternative options to be able to carry out the event!
If the event can´t be arranged or restrictions prevent some of you from participating in the event the teams can move their participation to 2022. More info about that you can find under the heading Cancellation policy at
Hoping to see you on Åland 2-5.6.2021                     (19.3.2021)

The competition is fully booked!

The “New registration” -spots for Trollingträff Åland 2021 are fully booked!
By sending an email to you can join the line for a place in the contest. If we can open up for more teams and / or someone cancels their participation, the places will be distributed in order to those on the waiting list!

Teams that were registered for Trollingträff Åland 2020 but moved their participation to 2021 and teams that officially represent one of the event’s partners can sign up for the competition according to the directives they have received!


Welcome to Trollingträff Åland 2021!

Trollingträff Åland is a tradition that has been arranged since 1993 and attracts participants from near and far. Since 2015 Käringsund Resort & Conference (Eckerö, Åland) has serve as a center for the contest with all starts, weigh-ins, prize ceremonys and dinners gathered at one place.

Trollingträff Åland 2021 will be arranged 2.-5.6.2021!
The competition starts with a pre-fish party with barbecue dinner and music entertainment as well as a mandatory skipper meeting on Wednesday evening and is followed by 3 days of fishing.
New for 2021 is that only Wednesday’s skipper meeting is mandatory, however the teams are recommended to participate in the other skipper meetings as well. On Thursday and Friday the start tags will be handed out from 7.00 am and after that the start is free! The competition day on Thursday and Friday continues until 7.30 pm. On Saturday, as in the last years, it´s free start from 4.30 am and the competition day goes on until 15.00. The team must inform the organizer of any catch during the competition, and may choose whether the catch is handed in at the organizer’s jetty or is taken by themself to the competition site. Teams that have fish to weigh in must also return by boat to Käringsund at the end of the competition day. The catch must be on site at the competition center no later than 7.30 pm (Thursday and Friday) and 3 pm on Saturday.
As in 2020 the participants will get free dinner every evening (Wednesday – Saturday) during the competition.The rod limit of a maximum of 16 rods / team is maintained, as well as that decisions about the continuation of the competition are made at wind speeds from 10 m / s. The teams still has the right to stay out at the sea after an ended fishing day, but must inform the organizer by text message. New for 2021 is also that when a team register for the competetion they will also approve the competition rules and undertakes to follow them!

The rules that are new or updated for 2021 and are marked with  NEW / CHANGED for 2021 – please read them and the other rules for the competition!


New and old participants are very welcome to Trollingträff Åland 2021!


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